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"We learned when a sponsor suddenly changed roles and we didn’t have executive alignment our retention rate decreased. With Pidgi, we can stay proactive in our accounts and have a process in place when high-priority triggers occur."

Ronald Richards

Miranda, Customer Success Director

Success Insights

Contact Monitoring

Champion Tracker

Lower churn risk by staying ahead of sudden executive and sponsor changes. Customize lead routing rules and send leads to your sales teams when a sponsor or champion moves to a target account.

Customer Alerts

Inform your team when high-priority customer situations arise with real-time alerts. With Customer Alerts, data will be automatically pushed to your CRM and populated in the desired reports and dashboards for your team to act quickly.

Visibility for the entire team

Playbook Activation

Initiate automated workflows when executives, sponsors, and other key contacts have changed jobs or been promoted. Playbook activation increases the effectiveness of your success teams while giving your customers the experience of high-touch services.

Expected Results

Grow Pipeline

Re-sell to the 20% of contacts in your CRM who change jobs each year.

Lower CAC

50% reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC) when selling to former customers.

Reduce Churn

Save existing relationships by alerting your team when champions change positions.

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