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Best for organizations that have 2k contacts or less
/ mo
  • First Month Leads: 200 - 1000
  • Leads/Month Ongoing: 50-100
  • Unlimited Users
  • Native Salesforce/Hubspot Integration
  • Dedicated Customer Success
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Best for enterprise clients with 25k+ contacts

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  • Customized lead package
  • Additional integration options
  • Dedicated customer success contact
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Real-Time Contact Research
Contacts Monitored
up to 2k
up to 5k
Yearly Leads Estimate
550 - 1,100
1,380 - 3,500
CRM Integration
Native Salesforce & HubSpot
Custom Mapping
Custom Mapping
Monthly Refresh
Data Point: Usage Length
Data Point: Usage Gap
Data Point: Role Tenure
Contact LinkedIn Profiles
Contact Emails Addresses
CSV Import/Export
Money Back - ROI Guarantee
Price Per Month
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How often does the data update?

Pidgi will research your contacts in real-time each month and alert you of customers who've moved to a new company

Where does Pidgi get it's data from?

From numerous sources including 5 different data providers, our own internal research team, proprietary algorithm and real time validation.

What if a contact moves to a company outside my target market?

During the initial onboarding session, we will work with your team to define your target account and person profiles. This will ensure we're only surfacing leads that are relevant to your team.

Does Pidgi offer a free trial?

Yes, reach out and we will set you up with an trial account.

Are there any activation fees?

Nope! Pidgi doesn't charge any activation fees.

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