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Prioritize your territory by identifying which accounts are most likely to buy from you.

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Pidgi is trusted by leading revenue teams

"The relationship data Pidgi was able to provide our team gave us a look under the hood of our entire territory in a way we have not considered in the past. We're seeing more meaningful engagements with prospects, and our no-show numbers have decreased in every segment."

Ronald Richards

Jack, VP of Sales Development

What we do

Contact Monitoring

Intent Signals

Pidgi uncovers key buying signals and surfaces contacts that have a relationship with your company, giving you a competitive advantage

Territory Management

Gain complete visibility into all of your accounts including past user count, executive/sponsorship changes, hiring trends, and other intent signals so you you know where to focus your time

Visibility for the entire team

Cohesive Workflow

Sync key findings throughout your entire tech stack starting with your CRM so you can boost sales effectiveness

Expected Results

Grow Pipeline

Re-sell to the 20% of contacts in your CRM who change jobs each year.

Lower CAC

50% reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC) when selling to former customers.

Reduce Churn

Save existing relationships by alerting your team when champions change positions.

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