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Pidgi analyzes your territory and automates account research so you can get back to selling.

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"Pidgi's ability to highlight hidden sales opportunities and funnel past product leads directly to our CRM has given our team a huge efficiency boost."

Ronald Richards

Nancy, Commercial Sales Director

Account Analysis

Contact Monitoring

Customer Look-alike

Identify trends in your customer accounts and generate a list of target accounts to focus on

Centralize findings in one place so you have all the context you need to start prospecting

Key Contacts

Prioritize contacts at every level that give you an opportunity to advance your sales deals

Organize your "Circle of Influence" by multithreading your decision-makers, influencers, program administrators, and end-users found by Pidgi

Visibility for the entire team

Hidden Opportunities

Analyze your territory and determine how many past product users, influencers, and decision-makers are in a single account

Further unlock intent data such as average employee tenure and recent backfill hires

Expected Results

Grow Pipeline

Re-sell to the 20% of contacts in your CRM who change jobs each year.

Lower CAC

50% reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC) when selling to former customers.

Reduce Churn

Save existing relationships by alerting your team when champions change positions.

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