Don't rely on email bouncebacks to track customer job changes

Prevent customer churn and expand new business by being notified of key job changes and when a backfill gets hired.

What our customers say about us

Pidgi is trusted by leading revenue teams

"I save so much time with [Pidgi]. Cross referencing every employee is a huge time waster and [Pidgi] clearly has the potential to save hours in a week. ​Responsive, intuitive interface."

Ronald Richards

Eric, Enterprise Sales Executive

"[Pidgi] provides so much more intel on individual prospects compared to [LinkedIn] Sales Nav and Zoom Info. [Pidgi] essentially eliminates all manual research on my end and prioritizes new leads I should be prospecting to."

Ronald Richards

Jane,Sales Development Representative

"Pidgi evolved so quickly and has the ability to help us sell more effectively and identify alumni in bulk. ​Also, it identifies alumni that doesn't exist in SFDC or ZoomInfo."

Ronald Richards

Max, Mid-Market Sales Executive

"I like how simple it is to identify accounts and let [Pidgi] do the hard work for me. ​I like how detailed the information Pidgi provided was, such as, a prospect used our product for 5 years, has had a 3-year usage gap."

Ronald Richards

Caitlin, Growth & GTM

"Pidgi found an executive that purchased our tool in the past and recently changed companies. I referenced her experience in my outreach and she immediately responded requesting time to connect. We finalized a deal 8 days later."

Darlene Robertson

Erin, Mid-Market Sales Executive

"I love the simplicity of the dashboard and how straightforward it is to use and research. The data is detailed and gives a great picture of what type of alumni we are approaching."

Darlene Robertson

Diego, RevOps

"We learned when a sponsor suddenly changed roles and we didn’t have executive alignment our retention rate decreased. With Pidgi, we can stay proactive in our accounts and have a process in place when high-priority triggers occur."

Darlene Robertson

Miranda, Customer Success Director

"…I found alumni [on Pidgi] that I wouldn't typically find or reach out to. For example, I found 17 product alumni in an account that I have an upcoming meeting with."

Darlene Robertson

Jenn, VP of Sales

Why use Pidgi

51% of workers change jobs every 1 to 5 years

Less than 10% of these job changes come back to your team as inbound leads.

Without an automated mechanism to identify and engage with previous customers your team risks churning current customers and missing easy re-sell opportunities.

What we do

Contact Monitoring

Reveal Key Relationship Triggers

Track job changes of the entire customer team – not just your main point of contact – to identify new business opportunities.

Uncover actionable insights and trends from your customer data with powerful, easy-to-use analytics.

Align Your Go-to-Market Around a Single View of your Customer Accounts

Monitor territory health with accurate lead scoring to spot expansion and new business opportunities sooner.

Accelerate pipeline generation by putting a spotlight on accounts with multiple client team members and company advocates.

Visibility for the entire team

Supercharge Team Productivity

Enable collaboration among revenue and customer success teams and scale operations with automated lead routing.

Gain complete visibility into your customer and target accounts with all of your most important champion insights in a single, personalized view.

Expected Results

Grow Pipeline

Re-sell to the 20% of contacts in your CRM who change jobs each year.

Lower CAC

50% reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC) when selling to former customers.

Reduce Churn

Save existing relationships by alerting your team when champions change positions.

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How it works:


Stress-free integration

Connect to your CRM with our simple and secure 1-click integration. No custom field setup required


Set Lead Qualification criteria

Map your customer accounts and begin monitoring product admins, power users, decision makers, and company advocates


Unlock your most active buyers

Research all your contacts in real-time, identify who has changed companies and automatically convert them into qualified leads for your revenue teams

Integrate with your existing tools

Enterprise Ready

Security is our top priority

Cloud Native SaaS

Our secure, cloud-based SaaS allows your sales team to research leads anytime and anywhere.

Secure from the Start

Pidgi’s foundation was built around protecting your sensitive customer data, incorporating best practice policies and controls to ensure your data is safe and secure.

24/7 Support

Our support and customer success team is ready to help you whenever you need it.

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