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What our customers say about us

Pidgi is trusted by leading sales teams

"I save so much time with [Pidgi]. Cross referencing every employee is a huge time waster and [Pidgi] clearly has the potential to save hours in a week. ​Responsive, intuitive interface."

Ronald Richards

Mid-Market Sales Executive

"[Pidgi] provides so much more intel on individual prospects compared to [LinkedIn] Sales Nav and Zoom Info. [Pidgi] essentially eliminates all manual research on my end and prioritizes new leads I should be prospecting to."

Ronald Richards


"Pidgi evolved so quickly and has the ability to help us sell more effectively and identify alumni in bulk. ​Also, it identifies alumni that doesn't exist in SFDC or ZoomInfo."

Ronald Richards

Enterprise Sales Executive

"I like how simple it is to identify accounts and let [Pidgi] do the hard work for me. ​I like how detailed the information Pidgi provided was, such as, a prospect used our product for 5 years, has had a 3-year usage gap."

Ronald Richards

Field Marketer

"Pidgi found an executive that purchased our tool in the past and recently changed companies. I referenced her experience in my outreach and she immediately responded requesting time to connect. We finalized a deal 8 days later."

Darlene Robertson

Mid-Market Sales Executive

"I love the simplicity of the dashboard and how straightforward it is to use and research. The data is detailed and gives a great picture of what type of alumni we are approaching."

Darlene Robertson

Account-Based Marketer

"One of the easiest tools to use in our tech stack. Consolidating lead insights into one interface makes my job easier."

Darlene Robertson

Account-Based Marketer

"…I found alumni [on Pidgi] that I wouldn't typically find or reach out to. For example, I found 17 product alumni in an account that I have an upcoming meeting with."

Darlene Robertson

Account-Based Marketer

What you can expect


Less time spent researching

Reduce prospect researching time by 40% and enable your sales team to confidently prioritize prospects.


Pipeline generated

Book 35% more meetings and generate 3x the sales pipeline by selling to prospects who have used your product in the past.


Increase engagement rate

Personalize your outreach and increase engagement by 5x with Pidgi’s key data points.

Pidgi analyzes your customer accounts to find leads that already have a relationship with your company

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What we do

Personalized outreach yields better response

Harness the power of your customer data, uncover personalized lead intelligence, and increase prospect engagement.

Key insights: Previous usage company, length of usage, and gap since last used

Account based research with prospect level insights

Reveal an account's most likely buyers

Superior data quality is a competitive advantage

Pidgi uses AI to research accounts in real time, generating higher quality and more accurate lead data that sales reps can trust.

Find contacts with specific titles in an account

Uncover Contact Emails and LinkedIn Profiles

AI powered lead validation

Eliminate time spent researching leads

Gain a bird’s-eye view of all your target accounts and learn which executives and other key contacts used or purchased your product in the past.

Prioritized Lead Data

Single click CRM integration

Automatically capture and update contact job changes

How it works:


Stress-free integration

Connect to your CRM with our simple and secure 1-click integration


Select a Company to Research

Que your target accounts and job titles for research and let Pidgi do the grunt work for you.


Unlock a prioritized list of your hottest leads

Once research has been completed, revisit your dashboard to access your new leads and use the key findings to personalize your outreach

Integrate with your existing tools

Enterprise Ready

Security is our top priority

Cloud Native SaaS

Our secure, cloud-based SaaS allows your sales team to research leads anytime and anywhere.

Secure from the Start

Pidgi’s foundation was built around protecting your sensitive customer data, incorporating best practice policies and controls to ensure your data is safe and secure.

24/7 Support

Our support and customer success team is ready to help you whenever you need it.

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